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AutoVue Release 20.2.1 is now Available

We are pleased to announce the availability of AutoVue 20.2.1, the latest minor release of the family of enterprise visualization solutions from Oracle.

AutoVue release 20.2.1 is a minor release within the 20.2 product family. It includes support for new 2D CAD, MCAD and ECAD formats, enhancements to its Augmented Business Visualization (ABV) framework, the ability to expand BPM workflows with AutoVue capabilities, and continued enterprise readiness enhancements.

Following is a summary of the new capabilities and enhancements in AutoVue 20.2.1:

1. Enhancements to the Augmented Business Visualization framework, which creates rich visual and actionable decision making environments
a/ 2D hotspot links in 2D drawings, PDF, and image files can be defined as polygons, rather than only by text strings or boxes.

2. Improved documentation on Augmented Business Visualization and hotspotting.

3. Ability to incorporate AutoVue into interactive and non-interactive Oracle Business Process Management (BPM) Workflows, which enable users to extend BPM defined workflows with AutoVue capabilities or web services.
a/ For example, in a non-interactive fashion, i.e. the user never sees the AutoVue UI but rather has access to AutoVue services, such as printing or document conversion. By automating document conversion and printing tasks AutoVue increases the value of BPM workflows.

4. Client support and server platform support has been extended to new platforms:
a/ Java 7 JVM
b/ Google Chrome Browser
c/ Oracle VM 2 virtualization environment

5. Installer improvements which ensure that selected ports for AutoVue are not in use – if they are, the administrator will be prompted to select alternate ports.

6. AutoVue 20.2.1 includes the following new format support:
a/ 2D CAD: AutoCAD 2013
b/ MCAD: Inventor 2013, AutoCAD Mechanical 2013, Unigraphics NX8, JT 9.2 to 9.5, CATIA V5-6 R2012, Creo Parametric 2.0
c/ ECAD: Altium Designer

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