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ISO 16363 „trustworthy digital repositories“ certification.

Related to our Quality Management System, our goal is not only to provide and meet the standard and work according to standard processes. We want to offer our customers even inventiveness and growth while maintaining reliability.
Our customers entrust their sensitive data to the systems, which they have 100% trust. Both in terms of functionality and first of all safety. Therefore, we decided to certificate itself according to ISO 16363 „trustworthy digital repositories“ which we just got through. This is not just about working with the most sensitive data in the "Electronic Registry" - data boxes, mail, invoices and economics, etc. but generally any data used and managed by the the company from economics, sales departments, through production preparation, production itself, planning, human resources and management of relationships with customers and suppliers (CRM, SCM). Our proven systems are deployed in all these areas and we declare to customers a high level of security and integrity of data and how and where they are handled and stored.
This certificate declares to our customers and partners that our solution fully meets the requirements for reliable data storage in accordance with the standards of Czech Republic and the European Union - which is appreciated by multinational corporations as well as public organizations in public tenders.
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