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Oracle Agile PLM - Characteristics

Oracle's Agile PLM solutions help companies

Accelerating revenue Accelerating revenue Reduce
costs Reduce costs
Improve quality Improve quality Certify products Certify products Manage innovationsManage innovations

... throughout the product lifecycle. A broad portfolio of "best practices", industrially certified "enterprise class" PLM solutions and quick implementations enable businesses to gain the most from their products possible.

The solution is proven by experiences of implementations in more than 1,200 global companies, which showed an increase in profitability. Oracle Agile PLM provides comprehensive support of the process of product lifecycle management and integration requirements of the given software and hardware platforms, from small businesses to the largest multinational corporations. Uniquely provides a simple view to product information across the "business community". Oracle Agile PLM provides industry-specific solutions based on industry "best practices" needed to increase productivity.

Business results achieved with Oracle Agile PLM

Business results achieved with Oracle Agile PLM associate companies as Alcatel, Boeing, Dell, Flextronics, Hitachi, LeapFrog, Lockheed Martin, Playtex, Siemens, QUALCOMM, ZF, but also for example SKODA POWER or OEZ:

  • Shortening the time for a new product to market by up to 50%
  • Reduce direct material costs by up to 5%
  • Reduce warranty and service costs
  • Enabling global outsourcing of development and production
  • Ensuring compliance with product standards and regulatory requirements

Managing information about the product - "Product Record"

Oracle Agile diagram

Companies have developed a "system of records" in the management of individual areas in their business processes:

  • [ CRM ]  Customer Relationship Management
    manages customer’s records
  • [ ERP ]  Enterprise Resource Planning
    manages the financial and production record
  • [ SCM ]  Supply Chain Management
    manages a record of suppliers
  • [ HCM ]  Human Capital Management
    manages a record of employees

Unlike other corporate values (customers, suppliers, employees and equipment) define the company's products a competitive advantage. Oracle Agile PLM manages enterprise-wide "Product Record", a unique system for all product information needed to maximize profitability during all phases of the life cycle - from concept through development, production, sales and service to disposal.

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