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Oracle Agile - Functionality

TD-IS, s.r.o. and Oracle Agile enable companies to accelerate product innovation and maximize product profitability by managing the information, processes, and decisions about products throughout their lifecycles. With a broad suite of enterprise-class PLM applications and time-to-value focused implementations that are built on a proven track record of delivering value and enabling best practices across more than 1,300 global companies, Agile applications provide the broadest and most comprehensive end-to-end PLM solutions in the industry.

Oracle Agile® 9

Oracle Agile 9 is a comprehensive tool to manage product’s information throughout its lifecycle. It offers solutions for wide variety of industries: military, automotive and also CPG. First of all it is focused on “high-end” electronics and medical devices. It is not just oriented on product’s development but in the same way manages all phases of product lifecycle. Using Oracle Agile PLM solution the global enterprise has unrivalled possibility to manage key product information - that is essential to ensure competitive advantages, profitability, compliance and legal regulations, and long-term growth, of course. More about Oracle Agile 9 »

Oracle Agile ® e6

Oracle Agile e6 (formerly Eigner PLM) solution supports the entire product life cycle with special focus on support planning and design phase, even across distributed engineering teams. It is designed for the development of highly complex products in the automotive, aerospace and defense industry and the energy and heavy engineering. The strength of this solution are the integrations to all mechanical and electrical CAx systems. More about Oracle Agile e6 »

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