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Oracle Agile 9 functionality

Oracle Agile 9 is a comprehensive tool to manage product’s information throughout its lifecycle. It offers solutions for wide variety of industries: military, automotive and also CPG. First of all it is focused on "high-end" electronics and medical devices. It is not just oriented on product’s development but in the same way manages all phases of product lifecycle.

Using Oracle Agile PLM solution the global enterprise has unrivalled possibility to manage key product information - that is essential to ensure competitive advantages, profitability, compliance and legal regulations, and long-term growth, of course.

Oracle Agile 9 PLM solution

Oracle Agile 9 provides comprehensive set of tools to implement and support “best-practice” methodologies proved in various industries, and at the same time built on one integrated enterprise platform.

Oracle Agile Product Governance & Compliance

Oracle’s Agile Product Governance and Compliance enables organizations to manage the compliance of their products and programs with government and industry standards and regulations. The solution merges compliance activities with the enterprise product record, allowing companies to more-reliably comply with environmental standards, create policy documentation, and design compliant products from the start—reducing the risk of costly business interruption or shutdown.

Oracle Agile Product Portfolio Management

Shrinking product lifecycles, global competition, supply chain complexity, and increasing customer demands are making it more challenging to achieve sustainable growth and improve product profitability. To succeed in this environment, product organizations must maximize product pipeline throughput while compressing cycle times, controlling target margins, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Oracle’s Agile Product Portfolio Management enables organizations to optimize their product development investments by providing tightly synchronized project and product information, maximized resource usage, and cross-project visibility and decision support across the entire product lifecycle.

Oracle Agile Product Collaboration

Proliferation of new products, shrinking product lifecycles, globalization and outsourcing, as well as increased regulations are making it more challenging than ever to bring winning products to market on time. To maximize revenue, market share, quality, and product profitability, you must achieve operational excellence throughout the product lifecycle and across the enterprise. The core of Oracle’s Agile product lifecycle management solution, Oracle’s Agile Product Collaboration helps you achieve seamless integration of internal and external design, supply, and manufacturing data and enables management and collaboration of product record information and processes across the extended supply chain.

Oracle Agile Engineering Collaboration

Oracle’s Agile Engineering Collaboration links product designs to the enterprise product record. It enables design teams to contribute new product design information and collaborate with teams and partners across the enterprise on all aspects of bringing the product to market. The solution encourages design innovation, enforces design integrity, and allows companies to rapidly and effectively transition products from engineering to manufacturing.

Oracle Agile Product Cost Management

Oracle’s Agile Product Cost Management helps optimize your company’s strategic sourcing processes throughout the lifecycle of the product you sell. It is the only inter-enterprise collaborative solution that combines suppliers’ specific cost and risk data with the enterprise product record—the complete, up-to-the-minute definition of the product—chronicling input from the design, sourcing, customer, supplier, and manufacturing tiers. By providing bill of materials (BOM) sourcing analysis based on data captured from internal organizations or external multitiered manufacturers and suppliers, Agile Product Cost Management offers an integrated picture of the product lifecycle that allows you to proactively analyze and adjust processes to minimize cost and risks.

Oracle Agile Product Quality Management

Oracle’s Agile Product Quality Management provides a collaborative environment that tracks and aggregates information related to the quality of your product within the product record. Making quality information and issues visible to all of the stakeholders in the product lifecycle from product development through end of life enables a corporate culture of quality. Companies can seamlessly identify and analyze reported product deficiencies, take corrective action, and improve next-generation products. Organizations improve regulatory compliance, improve customer satisfaction, and save millions in warranty and service costs.

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