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Functions of Oracle Agile e6

Oracle Agile e6 (formerly Eigner PLM) solution supports the entire product life cycle with special focus on support planning and design phase, even across distributed engineering teams. It is designed for the development of highly complex products in the automotive, aerospace and defense industry and the energy and heavy engineering. The strength of this solution are the integrations to all mechanical and electrical CAx systems.

Basic properties of solutions - modular PLM system:

  • administration, planning and project management resources including
  • product specifications, items and bills, processes and operations, equipment / tools, development organizations with information technology group (classification)
  • secure and scalable management of documentation with the distribution among multiple sites, managing access to the history, including version control
  • integration with a wide range of development applications including MS Office and ECAD / EDA systems, including the MCAD applications and browsers
  • automation of all processes enable expeditious approval and change management, internal management processes; workflow
  • support of internal guidelines and regulations according to ISO Quality
  • transfer of product information, bi-directional interface to the surrounding systems - MRP / MRP / ERP system, fence-management, financial / controlling systems

Management of supplier-buyer relationships:

  • engineering collaboration at all levels of connection - CSCW
  • (Computer Supported Cooperative Work)
  • global cooperation between companies in both the customer (connection to the CRM) and partner and supplier (SCM)
  • access to electronic catalogs of suppliers and integration with CSM (Component Supplier Management)
  • standards for data exchange (STEP, XML, and more..)
  • integration of advanced communication tools (MS NetMeeting)
  • ensure greater security of communications, information sharing, etc.
  • engaging in e-commerce
  • use current methods of data security (encryption, electronic signature)

Extended product data management and configuration management:

  • ensuring compliance with different national laws with sophisticated configuration management (management by the expiry date, serial numbers, ...) including variant management
  • integrated visualization and markup

Management needs and requirements:

  • a tool for effective decision making that integrates marketing and product information (development, operations, quality) with requests from customers

Manage the product portfolio:

  • optimization of module development costs, maximize use of resources within the various development programs

Maintenance, repair and overhaul:

  • planning and recording of maintenance activities and services of the audit between the phases of the product "as delivered" and actual "service" including feedback into the development department, Sales and Marketing

Description of Oracle Agile e6 PLM

Oracle Agile e6 (formerly Eigner PLM) provides a comprehensive solution for creating, managing and distribution of all product data throughout its life cycle, including process information associated with it. During deployment of the system are set such processes and progress of individual objects (documents, projects, components / parts lists) that corresponded to different legislative requirements (ISO, FDA, and others) in the organization.

The modularity and configurability of its system extends and covers the area of supply chain management, distributed solutions to its own system or database, process planning, product configuration management, digital signature, etc. Links to information environment surrounding of the organization (CAx applications, MRP / MRP / ERP system, plot - Management) is to ensure by standard and customer module systems - the integration of custom created directly by the TD-IS. Within the bounds of system modularity have been added options of use of some modules (product portfolio, customer needs and requirements, configuration management, ...) from the Oracle Product Agile 9 with further expanding the availability in the future.

Oracle Agile e6 is a system client/server with all advantages of this architecture. Application and file server of the system as well as clients are available for the Windows platform and for various types of UNIX (HP-UX, IRIX, AIX, Solaris, Digital Unix, Linux). Database Server (SQL Server, Oracle) can run on any operating system for which it is intended. Users accessing to the system remotely can use a web client.

Cooperation of users and change management, version control, process (workflow) management and project planning

Oracle Agile e6 allows authorized users to work simultaneously with all information / data in the course of their creation or change. It has the approval and change management with an indelible entry of events in the history of the document.

Full-featured workflow enables definition (graphical modeling) and monitoring of processes in time and organizational framework. Flexible process definition includes a logical division and consolidation of operations for parallel and alternative branching of the whole or part. Multiple processes can be derived from the process templates, random processes can be created for special cases. Workflow enables to automatically and actively manage business processes. By automating of routine tasks is increased work efficiency and optimized the flow of information throughout the organization.

In the area of project planning and project management, there are many tools (definitions of terms, methods of planning) with easy structuralization of information within the bounds of projects, resources definitions, spreadsheets and cost centers. The result is a clear graphical display of resource utilization, calendar, and printouts.

Openness Oracle Agile e6, integration with external applications and systems

A wide range of interfaces allows Oracle Agile e6 directly integrate with different applications working on various types of operating systems - such as CAD systems, AutoCAD, Microstation, Catia, RUPLAN, Euclid, Pro / ENGINEER, Unigraphics, Inventor, as well as desktop publishing, office products and MS Office applications. Direct communication within these applications with Oracle's Agile e6 enables central management of documents generated by the various departments of the company. The most commonly used functions are then immediately available to users in the application menu - view and edit the document, its creation and storage, for CAD applications update information in the title block by attributes stored in the Eigner PLM system, work with external reference or model structure, generation of items and BOM.

For other external applications and the browsers is used the indirect integration allows viewing, editing and saving documents / files into the Oracle Agile e6. External browser (Eroiica, SpinFire, ...) can be viewed vector (3D and 2D) and raster documents with the ability to zoom, squeeze, rotate, crop and annotate.

Because the Oracle Agile e6 is operating over a database engine, is not a problem to provide two-way exchange of information between the information system and Oracle Agile e6. The system has a number of standard interfaces to enterprise information systems (SAP, Baan, Oracle), however TD-IS has considerable experience in developing such an interface according to customer requirements (ŠKODA POWER, MESIT, OEZ, BOMAR,...) .

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