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EasyArchiv/EasyPLM® - Functionality

EasyArchiv/EasyPLM® Core

General and technical dokument management

  • Creation and management of all defined document types
  • Searching
    • searching after all attributes within one or all document types
    • classification tree
    • full-text search
    • Query Folder (defined and/or saved searching conditions)
  • Document access manament during users cooperation
    • opening and editing of documents with automatic reservation
      • directly from client environment
      • from within integrated CAD system
    • support of manual Check In/Check Out
  • Documentation viewing and mark-up (integrated viewers e.g. Autovue, SpinFire,...)
  • Printing output
    • from a viewer or native application
    • plot-management integartion (CIMGRAPH)
  • All events history (creation, edit, print, state change, new version, ...)
  • Export/import posibilities
    • content's export/import (native and/or converted)
    • attributes export/import into XML
    • export defined according customer's neeeds (e.g. re-save of native CAD formats. etc.)
  • Project and user management, user-rights assignment
    • definition of project structure templates, structure copy
    • choice of project-user-rights directly on incorporated document
    • user-rights association according his assignment to a project level or to a process node
  • Change management and approval procedure including a transfer of internal post within the system (with the possibility of external mail server connection)
    • customer specific definition of states sequence including user-rights
    • version and revision management; definition of versions consecutiveness nad behaviour
  • Various document types and available integrations - the system can manage document of all types uncared-for source application, e.g.:
    • scanned documents (invoices, delivery notes, models and/or drawings, faxes, (e-)mail, data messages, ...)
    • e-mails
    • MS Office (Word, Excel, ...); OpenOffice - integration at disposal
    • mechanical CAD - assemblies/parts/drawings - integrations at disposal:
      • CATIA V5
      • Pro/ENGINEER
      • SolidWorks
      • AutoCAD
      • Inventor

EasyArchiv/EasyPLM® WEB client

  • Active access to documentation via internet/intranet
  • All functionality available including workflow with exception of CAD integrations

EasyArchiv/EasyPLM® Workflow

  • Graphical design and process tracking
    • Possibility to create hierarchically defined processes (any process can be used as a sub-process in another one)
  • Proactive management of both standard and add-hoc processes
    • terms tracking and delay handling
    • automatic e-mail notification when something to-do or when process problem is evaluated (directed to user and/or process owner/admin)
    • user substitution/delegation
  • Process export/import into XML for reusability
  • Customer specific definition of automation both for process and/or node (scripting)

EasyArchiv/EasyPLM® BOM (Bill of materials)

  • Items/components management (made/purchased)
    • any document can be "attached" to an item (CAD, Office, photo, ...)
  • Creation of multi-level bills of materials (design, technological, manufacturing, assembly, …)
  • Support for CAD and/or ERP systems integrations
  • XML item/BOM export/import
  • Version and change management

EasyArchiv/EasyPLM® WP

Technology routines

  • Creation and management of technological operations and routines
  • Variant routines, routines templates
  • Standardization (norm setting)
  • Tool management
  • Code lists of workspaces, staff, machines, … (own and/or on-line from integrated ERP)
  • Version and change management

EasyArchiv/EasyPLM® Manager

Manager outputs

  • Created data amount control
  • Data quality control
  • Definition of weighted factors for single parameters
  • Evaluations according to the staff, groups, departments
  • Export in XLS or XML formats

EasyArchiv/EasyPLM® DS

Distributed server

  • Data replication between different user localities
  • On-line replication on demand or in planned intervals
  • Possible off-line replication

EasyArchiv/EasyPLM® ERP connector

  • ERP or other PLM systems connection
  • Functionality possibilities:
    • On-line view in between the cooperating systems (e.g. ERP can open documentattion form PLM, PLM can use code lists according ERP, PLM user can see item's production data, etc.
    • COM interface
    • DB buffers
    • XML data exchange

EasyArchiv/EasyPLM® Plot

Plot-management integration

  • Mass printing management (print-sets suport, plot stamps print according e.g. document states, atc.)
  • Print-out audit and statistics (copy's management and paper distribution support)
  • Print-cost tracking
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