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EasyTechnology® - Characteristics

On the basis of close cooperation with leading Czech tool factory presents company TD-IS integrated solution for companies dealing in particular with custom manufacturing. EasyTechnology® system is designed primarily for tool factories, but it is possible to deploy wherever there is a need to address custom (piece) production.


EasyTechnology® is a comprehensive system which provides management and production management, including the necessary support components such as parts/BOMs, technical procedures, next the tools/machines and warehouse management. Unique and rare characteristics of system EasyTechnology® is direct cohesion with EasyArchiv® system (DMS/PLM).

The system is primarily intended for producers of custom made, especially for tool factories. In this area, customers are demanding short delivery lead times simultaneously with providing high quality standards. At the same time it also often leads to modifications of the desired product from the customers side in the course of its production and in this case it is necessary to have all the information quickly about the production planning and production rendering with possibility operative intervention.

EasyTechnology® enables business precalculation of contract, the simulation into the actual current production plan. Within the planning you can see both progression of orders through the workplace and the workload of individual departments according to the operations.

General system properties

The system is based on a stable client/server architecture operating on a relational database (MS SQL, Oracle). The basis for the server is operating system Windows 2000 Server and above with user access via the Windows client. An integral part of an EasyTechnology® is EasyArchiv® PLM system that provides secure document management, including integration of CAx applications, components and BOMs structures management, technology and operations and related Lookups (eg tools, workplaces, standard texts). Both the above systems are developed in the Czech Republic and are thus fully localized, including documentation. Extensive configuration options, eventually customization guarantee the successful deployment of those systems in any type of manufacturing organization.

Specification of system properties EasyTechnology®

Properties of a complex system EasyTechnology® allow that in one system were processed activities, which cover the following areas:

  • management of the business cycle from supply and demand over the projection/construction, planning to manufacturing including maintenance
  • demand management, including customer management, delivery notes
  • management of orders and related delivery notes
  • management of BOMs/bills - design, technological, manufacturing and custom
  • management and planning of orders, project precalculation and sample orders, cash flow plan
  • production planning and production rendering
  • calculation of demands, orders, technology and plan simulations
  • warehousing activities, audits and management of warehouses, creating a material reglet and assemblies
  • management of tools and machines/workplaces (states, load,...)
  • lifecycle management of all types of documents, parts,technological processes and operations, business cases at the level of PLM system EasyArchiv®
  • direct integrations of CAD documents, MS Office with using the PLM system EasyArchiv®
  • integrated control of versions, change management, classification and workflow
  • integration with any financial/economic system

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