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EasyTechnology® - Functionality

Offers management

  • Offers statistics
    • Number, Business case, Terms, Breakdown of costs items, Variant loading plan
  • Offers control
    • State monitoring, Terms monitoring, versions
    • Link to business case, demand, offer
    • Approval

Business case processing

  • OP structure
    • Demand, Offer, Order, Contract, Cost plan


  • Costs plan
    • Business case
    • Contract
    • Offer
  • Production
    • New created by acquisition from sample cost plan
    • Calculations according to performance, hours, import of real costs
  • Total review
    • Dynamic user configurable display
    • Variable view to structure of planned and really costs

BOM's and technology

  • BOM's
    • Picking of construction BOM
    • Generating of custom, production BOM
    • Technological materials and allocation of resources
  • Technology
    • Link to production batches, items
    • Machines and tools management

Planning and production

  • Planning (business, technologicall)
    • graphic display include more variants of the plan
  • Production rendering
    • usage of working time of workers
    • management of disagreements in terms of production
    • summary of orders states
  • Calculation of demands, contracts, technology and plans
    • comparison plans with reality
  • Warehouse management
    • States
    • Alocation material to contract
    • Receipts, Gears, Requisitions, Sales
  • Management of machines and tools/workplaces (states, occupancy, ...)
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