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TD-IS, s.r.o.

Dear business partners,
Welcome to the website of the TD-IS, s.r.o.. Our company has been present on IT market in the area of DMS / PLM / ERP solutions for over 10 years. Allow me to provide a little insight into our history and introduce briefly our goals and achievements.

We started in 1995 as a separate division focused on PLM and DMS systems in the Technodat group. In 2000 our activities had expanded to the point, where it was necessary to establish a separate Technodat daughter company – Technodat, informační systémy, s.r.o.. In 2006 it became necessary to move away from the group Technodat for our further expansion and to fully focus on our strategic goal under the new name of TD-IS, s.r.o. - to be an independent system integrator and provider of information technology solutions suitable for all types of industrial companies.

Our solutions are primarily based on a portfolio of applications and technology from Oracle and the products of our own development - EasyArchiv, EasyPLM and EasyTechnology. We are able to meet the majority of the needs of information technology from the smallest businesses to the largest ones. Our biggest customers are ŠKODA POWER with nearly 700 users of Oracle's Agile PLM solutions, Škoda Holding with nearly 2,000 users of the DMS solution EasyArchiv and OEZ Letohrad with 400 users of Oracle Agile. On the other hand we have many small customers for ERP / PLM / DMS solutions - mainly toolmakers with the number of users around ten. It is evident that we offer solutions that can grow with the needs of our customers.

Our main partner is one of the world's largest IT companies - Oracle. TD-IS achieved the accreditation Oracle Certified Partner in 2009 and since 2010 we are an Oracle Gold Partner. In addition, we are also HP VAR, Stormware certified partner for financial and economical programs and partner of many other companies such as Microsoft, xPLM, Dr. Maier CSS and Actify.

Our clients can testify that our projects have always come to full maturity, which is easily proven by quantifiable financial results.

"We evaluate our successes by our customer’s satisfaction!"

Pavel Mareš

Contact our customers support.

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